About Me

I am Professor of Politics at the University of York. I previously worked at Lancaster University and I hold a PhD in Government from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

My research focuses on the dynamics of intra-state conflicts, strategies for conflict resolution, and de facto states. Instead of viewing communal groups as homogeneous and static, I stress the importance of internal divisions and political rivalry and am particularly interested in the creation of separatist or rebel governance structures. I have extensive expertise on the Caucasus and the Balkans, but my work also covers a range other conflicts and is genuinely comparative in nature.

My most recent books are  Peace Agreements: Finding solutions to Intra-State Conflicts (Cambridge: Polity, 2016) and Unrecognized States: The Struggle for Sovereignty in the Modern International System (Cambridge: Polity, 2012) 

You can find more information about my two main projects here: De Facto States & Peace Agreements.

More about me: My University of York website