Workshop: Impossible Peace?

On 11 March 2016, I organised a workshop entitled Impossible Peace? Finding Solutions to the Most Challenging Intra-State Conflicts. This workshop brought together a range of excellent speakers to discuss what can be done to solve the most intractable, violent or otherwise challenging intra-state conflicts. The workshop report is available here: Workshop report – Impossible Peace


Panel 1: Creating Conditions for Peace

Chair: Lars Waldorf (University of York)

  • Alan Kuperman (University of Texas): Liberia: How Diplomacy & Intervention Ended a 13-Year Civil War
  • Kristin Bakke (University College London): Challenges with fragmented insurgencies
  • Andy Carl (Founder of Conciliation Resources): Over this mountain – another mountain? Reflections on 21yrs running Conciliation Resource

Panel 2: From Process to Outcome 

Chair: Claire Smith (University of York)

  • Jacob Eriksson (University of York): Mediation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: a happy medium between facilitation and coercion
  • Gëzim Visoka (Dublin City University): Neo-Functional Peace: The Interplay between the Technical and Political in the EU-facilitated Dialogue between Kosovo-Serbia
  • Ciaran O’Toole (Conciliation Resources): Constitutional Development in Fiji: Lessons from the 2012 Process

Panel 3. Possible Solutions

 Chair: Jacob Eriksson (University of York)

  • Stefan Wolff & Argyro Kartsonaki (University of Birmingham): Fit for purpose? The Utility of Territorial Self-governance Mechanisms for Conflict Mitigation
  • Nina Caspersen (University of York): The Trouble with Interim Peace Agreements: An analysis of six cases
  • Claire Smith (University of York): The light and dark of democratic transitions: A tale of comparative civil war endings in Indonesia